The D.R. system s.r.l (Digital Radiology System), concerning the development of the enterprise business activity, on the market with more than 30 years of experience in the specific field of Radiology, strengthens engagement and its Know – how acquired, in the continuous research for advanced technological solutions aimed at social welfare and  public healthcare  improvement.

Several initiatives are working in the process of business innovation  that took place several years ago, with the goal of strengthen our know-how achieved in the radiology field, expanding our horizon and offering us on the national but especially international market, as "MANUFACTURER" of innovative digital radiographic equipment, ATECO ISTAT code 26.60.02.

The new horizons of telemedicine and teleradiology are inserted in the programs of business innovation in our society: technology at the service of humanity.

On this matter, The D.R. system s.r.l. in compliance of globalization, has activated all the procedures for both product innovation, process and marketing,   validated by its quality management system (QMS) - UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 / UNI EN 13485.

The priorities of the D.R. system s.r.l. are the company planning, research and technological innovation. Our principle is: "the innovation rewards merit".

The determination, tenacity and resourcefulness of the management company can be so succinctly summarized:


D.R. system s.r.l. company is oriented to the  "GOOD ENOUGH" design "simplicity and tecnology - user friendly": technology must be accordin with human's needs and not vice versa.

Something more about D.R. system srl :
"        Holds N° 03 Patent applications in Italy, competent office CCIAA of Palermo;
N ° 01 Trademark :
"        Is part of the Production District "MECCATRONICA" - EDIMEC project called "Piani di sviluppo di filiera" - P.O. FESR SICILIA 2007/2013.
Cooperation with the University of Palermo, concerning technological research and
experimental development.

Our operative decision of corporative management have largely taken tangible satisfaction, arising out of a partnership that are established with our customers, aiming at mutual satisfaction.

D.R. system s.r.l.
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